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Lessons at your location

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Te Rangi Horses offer lessons around Southern Auckland areas upon request.

Flatwork, jumping or horsemanship lessons - suitable for riders of all ages, and horses at all stages.

As a qualified secondary school teacher, I have 15+ years of experience in teaching and am experienced in delivering individualized lessons to serve a range of abilities and goals, and enjoy finding ways of creating lessons that are fun and engaging.

Lessons can be tailored to suit competitive or pleasure riders in flatwork, pole-work or jumping. I also offer horsemanship lessons both on the ground and under saddle to build skills, safety and confidence. 

Suitable facilities such as an arena or round pen are required.

For travelling lessons the cost is $70 per lesson for 3+ lessons at one location, or $100 to travel for an individual lesson. ( price may change depending on location )

Pop us a message to check if we can travel to your location.